Welcome To Buckos Furniture!

Established in 1959 by J.D. “Bucko” Barrineau, Bucko’s Inc. has been selling and servicing office furniture for more than 50 years. Old school knowledge and 21st century tools make Buckos the logical choice.

We started out as an army surplus store in 1959.  In the early 60’s Buckos would buy surplus desks and storage cabinets from Mac Dill AFB, his 2 sons would bang out the dents and Buckos would sell them.  In the late 60’s both sons entered the Navy, Buckos started selling new office furniture .When the 2 sons returned from the service they joined Buckos and it has been going for 46 years and counting.

Who Is Buckos Funiture?

Established in 1959 by J.D. “Bucko” Barrineau, Bucko’s Inc. has been selling and servicing office furniture and equipment in the Sarasota, Florida area for 54 years. We have the knowledge of our products to match the quality of the furniture.

Though the business was officially started in 1960, we actually began operation prior to that in 1959 as an army surplus store. We migrated into office furniture after buying old metal desks and cabinets from the old MacDill Air Base. Later, our store started selling new office furniture in 1968, and we have focused on providing quality and affordable office furniture ever since.

All furniture we sell stands the test of time. We don’t sell products that are going to need to be fixed or replaced soon, and have worked to eliminate cheaply made products from our inventory. This means your business can rely on our products for years to come. Often customers buy furniture from us and don’t have to replace it until it’s worn out more than two decades later.
We’ll help you selected the perfect office equipment, even if it needs to be custom built and ordered. Our quick ordering system gets the furniture you need to your office within a few days. We have professional installers who assemble, deliver and install your new office equipment, leaving you hassle free!

Our Crazy Success

Customer Satisfaction 90
Orders Delivered Before Delivery Date 95
Custom Furniture Projects VS Factory Orders 72